Our Belief

We believe life is amendable to any setback through the collective effort of individuals and the society at large. Together,we define and create a future free from bondages of our past.

We believe that therapy can help anyone to transform their life.

We believe in the human potential for change and improvement and the importance of personal growth.

Our Goals & Values

To link individuals and groups to qualified professionals who is a good fit in helping therapeutically..

To be a unified platform where experts from all over the world can offer their service to local communities.

To be a source of information portal on psychological matters locally and internationally.

To facilitate community building.

What we do

The Therapy Platform is a psychological healing portal aims to facilitate individual counselling, group therapy, life coaching, psychoeducation, workshops, mental health talks and events, trauma-informed practices and cutting-edge emotion healing technologies. We make booking with qualified therapist simple, fast, and secure by using secured, encrypted web technologies every step of the way.  Your confidentiality is our promise*.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to eliminate prolonged emotional suffering worldwide. We want to make it as common and important to seek treatment to keep and promote mental well being. We want to empower individuals and groups to heal from aftermath of adverse childhood experience, traumatic past, and broken relationships.


Our Vision

A society with elevated sense of self and others that is whole, robust and loving. Individuals and groups can heal within and between, and live forth with meaning and purpose.