Developing the Counselling Relationship

by ⁨Sarah Poh|28-01-2022
About Psychotherapy

For some people, the thought of having to face your feelings can be difficult. Though it may seem so, it is essential to take that first step out of your comfort zone and speak to someone about it, especially if those feelings are imposing on your daily life in one way or another. Speaking to a friend, family member or loved one may help you, but the positive impacts are not as great as compared to speaking with a trained professional – a psychotherapist.

This video talks about the development of a counselling relationship.

In the video, various participants who have consulted a therapist recall and reflect on their experiences and interactions with their own therapist throughout the duration of their consultation. At the start, it seemed daunting to consult a stranger about persistent emotion, but towards to end, they came to realise the benefits of speaking to a trained psychotherapist regarding their concerns.

Taking the First Step

Here at The Therapy Platform, we have an elite team of therapists who are trained in various aspects of therapy and located at different parts of the world. As they are specialised in various fields, they are able and willing to help anyone who take the first step and seek help. Click here to find a suitable therapist! As of now, one may engage in a Discovery Call, a complimentary 30 minute video call with a therapist to determine if he/she is suitable for you.


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