by Sarah Poh|02-11-2021
Psychological phenomenon

Self-perception and perception of others 

  • Does not fluctuate due to external evaluation
  • Less need for external validation
  • Able to balance between withdrawing inwardly to be introspective (which is a meditation process) and engaging outwardly to build connection with others. 
  • More empathetic, hence able to draw from rich psychological resources. 
  • Focus more on contributing to the world (generative) than on surviving/meeting one’s material needs (which is perceived and exaggerated). 

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Sarah Poh


Sarah has worked with many on Developmental and Complex Trauma and is especially knowledgeable and experienced in depth psychology. People who are interested to find out the unconscious underpinning of their behaviour and relationships can look to Sarah in assisting them to achieve greater personal freedom and empowerment when unconscious material is gently understood in its proper context (both in the past and in the present).


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