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Covid-19 – A Time of Testing Psychological Resilience

We are in times of uncertainty right now, there’s no doubt about it. And it is in uncertain times like this, our psychological resilience is put to test and shows up most evidently. As nations, organizations and individuals brace ourselves in meeting the challenges Covid-19 bring, the reduced business and social activities, changes in how and where we work, is actually giving us a much needed space and time to reflect about life and perhaps finally spending more time with our loved ones.

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Have you wondered why some people are able to shake off rejection far easier than others?

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About Psychotherapy

Developing the Counselling Relationship

by Sarah Poh|28-01-2022

For some people, the thought of having to face your feelings can be difficult. Though it may seem so, it is essential to take that first step out of your comfort zone and speak to someone about it, especially if those feelings are imposing on your daily life in one way or another. Speaking to a friend, family member or loved one may help you, but the positive impacts are not as great as compared to speaking with a trained professional – a psychotherapist.

About Psychotherapy

Who Should I see? Psychiarist, Psychologist or Therapist for counselling and Therapy for Mental Health 101

by Janna Lim|28-01-2022

Confused on who you should see for therapy? Don’t worry. This article provides a comprehensive explanation for these different professionals in the mental health care sector. Counsellor/Therapist Counsellors often focus on current challenges clients are facing. This could be career concerns, relationship difficulties or just feeling more stress than usual. Counsellors look at clients’ symptoms and behaviours to design a plan to help their clients.

About Psychotherapy

Why Psychotherapy Enhances Your Well-being

by Sarah Poh|25-01-2022

Have you been emotionally hurt before? Feeling sad, frustrated, not having a sense of direction in life? Or not feeling motivated or feeling socially uncomfortable? Let me tell you this, your feelings matter. It is the gateway to build connections and understanding about yourselves and the world around you.

About Psychotherapy

Online vs Face-To-Face therapy

by Stephanie Lim|24-01-2022

Which to Go For? Advancements in the digital space have certainly introduced more choice to our lives. It has massively changed the way we consume information, products and services. One quick example close to our (Singaporean) hearts would be food: looking for ideas on what or where to eat by reading reviews, buying ingredients to at the shops and following a video clip at home to cook, or simply browsing online and having it delivered to our doorsteps.