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Covid-19 – A Time of Testing Psychological Resilience

We are in times of uncertainty right now, there’s no doubt about it. And it is in uncertain times like this, our psychological resilience is put to test and shows up most evidently. As nations, organizations and individuals brace ourselves in meeting the challenges Covid-19 bring, the reduced business and social activities, changes in how and where we work, is actually giving us a much needed space and time to reflect about life and perhaps finally spending more time with our loved ones.

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Have you wondered why some people are able to shake off rejection far easier than others?

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Psychological phenomenon

No Name Calling Week

by Janna Lim|28-01-2022

Did you know that no name calling week was last week from 20 to 24 January? Well, what’s it about? No name calling week seeks to end name calling and bullying in schools. This campaign aims to have a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. Students learn the importance of countering biases and bullying in the classroom.

Psychological phenomenon

Peter Pan Syndrome (PPS)

by Thomas Chan|26-01-2022

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a quick solution focused therapy that emphasises clients’ present and future circumstances. Symptoms are not targeted. Instead, SFBT has a rational approach towards formulating clients’ solutions.

Psychological phenomenon

Wanting More

by Elsa Lim|26-01-2022

The Price of Wanting More We all want more out of Life. More fulfillment, more love, more fun, more travel, more money, more success, more freedom – the list goes on. This is our hardwiring. Without this built-in instinct, human progress would cease. But wanting more has a dark side. Especially when we realise that we can’t have it all. We have limitations and setbacks. For instance, not having enough money. Poor health. Job loss. Divorce, bankruptcy and so on.

Psychological phenomenon

Psychological Abuse

by Chriselda Pereira|26-01-2022

Abuse emanates in numerous forms and it can be a vicious cycle that can be handed down from generation to generation. Certain kinds of abuse are easy to recognise, namely physical or sexual abuse. On the other hand, the most challenging abuse to provide evidence and pull through from would undoubtedly be mental or psychological abuse. From time to time, it is also discussed as emotional abuse.

Psychological phenomenon

Effects of parental rejection

by Chriselda Pereira|26-01-2022

Being rejected by a dismissive or a distant parent can have negative effects which lasts a lifetime, if without therapy. Recent studies have shown that the emotional pain caused by parental rejection activates the same area of the brain that physical pain does. Work against these negative effects by engaging in positive means to manage this pain and by identifying ways to deal with the toxic parent.

Psychological phenomenon

Anxiety Sensitivity: Cause or Consequence of Panic?

by Giuseppe|26-01-2022

Anxiety sensitivity is a tendency to the negative misinterpretation of bodily sensations of anxiety that produces a state of fear. It is believed to be due to concerns about potential physical, social, or cognitive consequences of anxiety symptoms. Anxiety sensitivity tends to be elevated especially among people with panic disorder. In this article, we will explore whether anxiety sensitivity is a cause or rather a consequence of panic.

Psychological phenomenon

Fighting the Social Stigma of Mental Health

by Dion Low|26-01-2022

Growing up in Singapore, I was constantly reminded by others that people with mental disorders were siao or “crazy”. However, when I entered Secondary School, I learned 2 things. The first is that people with mental disorders were not like what I was told when I was younger – insane. The second, and very shockingly, is that the majority of Singaporeans, including youths, have the exact same mentality that I had.

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Sexual Abuse: Trauma & Healing Process

by Sarah Poh|25-01-2022

Trauma Traumas are normal stress reactions to abnormal circumstances. The subsequent effects of trauma comes in different forms for different people as trauma interacts with our individual biological, sociological and psychology makeup. Just as how the effects of trauma differ from person to person, the best method of treatment varies according to individual mental state and personality.

Tips to feel betterPsychological phenomenonMental Condition

When Anger Becomes a Disorder

by Karyen|24-01-2022

Anger is a common feeling. Blood boiling. Muscle tightening. Clenched jaw. Want to scream. Pent up energy. These are the common internal experiences of anger. Most people, if not everyone, have felt angry at some point of their lives. We can feel angry when we perceive that an injustice has been done. We can feel angry when something doesn’t go our way. Rumour has it that some can feel anger simply from being hungry, leading to the popular culture term “hangry.”

Psychological phenomenon


by Sarah Poh|02-11-2021

When we internalized rejection very early on in age, we response psychologically through a pervasive attachment style.