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Covid-19 – A Time of Testing Psychological Resilience

We are in times of uncertainty right now, there’s no doubt about it. And it is in uncertain times like this, our psychological resilience is put to test and shows up most evidently. As nations, organizations and individuals brace ourselves in meeting the challenges Covid-19 bring, the reduced business and social activities, changes in how and where we work, is actually giving us a much needed space and time to reflect about life and perhaps finally spending more time with our loved ones.

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Have you wondered why some people are able to shake off rejection far easier than others?

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Therapy tools


by Ann Ding|26-01-2022

A counselling tool that transforms the human mind for change What Is Journaling? As a counsellor, I love to use journaling as one of the tools in my session with clients. Although similar to diary writing, journaling goes deeper. In my counselling sessions, journaling has helped my clients change their lives through self-exploration and greater self-awareness. A journal can be written in different ways, according to the client’s writing style or preferences.

Therapy tools


by Elsa Lim|26-01-2022

THE GAME THAT OFFERS ‘UNEXPECTED BUT PRECISE’ INSIGHTS Have you ever played a game that reveals a point of view about yourself, your feelings and your life situation? Have you played this game in the presence of others who also offer their insights and share their life experiences with you?