Is there user minimum age to use services in the Website?

User below 18 years old will require an adult of legal age who is either the parent or legal guardian to book a session on user behalf. The parent or guardian will have to open an account in the Website and be fully responsible for all website activities of the minor to ensure full compliance….

How do I open an account?

Click on the “Become a member” button at the top right of the Website homepage. Choose Sign Up, then set up an Visitor account.    

How do I book an appointment?

You will first have to open a Visitor account by clicking Become A Member button on top right corner of the homepage. Then you can proceed to book an appointment with your choice therapist.                    

Agreement to Receive Counseling on The Therapy Platform

Therapist to client privacy info Each therapist may issue statements on how she works with Client privacy information. A standard therapist to client privacy information article may look like this:                              

Do I always have to work with the same therapist?

You are free to change therapist 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We will recommend that you keep the same therapist unless you no longer finds therapy with him/her helpful for you.  

Is online therapy (aka telehealth) session really as good as in-person therapy

Online therapy is a new trend in providing therapy within the comfort of one’s environment. It is especially helpful to those who are time clenched. Effectiveness of online therapy depends on types of problems you are facing. Therapy approach that involve mainly verbal communication should work just as effectively as in-person session. For therapy approach….

How secure is your payment system?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. Stripe is an internationally trusted payment gateway.                        

Can I book a service though I am not located in Singapore?

Absolutely yes. You can meet your therapist using our Telehealth platform at any part of the world. Our therapists are located at various part of the world. So it is possible for you to even have an in-person session with your chosen therapist when you visit the place where your Therapist is.

How is The Therapy Platform different from other online counselling platform?

The Therapy Platform is born out of the genuine desire of a therapist who wants to help people to have easy access to quality psychotherapy. We understand the integral component to successful therapy is trust. Hence, we set out to provide users a platform where they can provide unbiased reviews of their therapy experience for….

What services are available to me through The Therapy Platform?

Apart from the obvious, when you have difficulty choosing a therapist or not know where to start, please drop us an email contact@thetherapyplatform.com and we will provide assistance without charge. We will also periodically get in touch with you to understand how you are experiencing your therapy. There is a forum feature in the platform….

Can I open an account on behalf of someone?

Except for the purpose of booking therapy services on behalf of a minor to whom you are either a parent or legal guardian, you may not open an account on behalf of someone else.

I have problem signing up, what can I do?

Please write to us at contact@thetherapyplaform.com. We will assist you soonest.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time after you log in. All your account information will be deleted upon cancellation/ closing your account. You will have to open a new account if you like to book therapy services after cancellation of your initial account.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

Therapy begins on time. If you are running late, give us a call at +65 66770725. We will help you inform your therapist.

What if my therapist is late or absent from the appointment?

Therapist is professionally obliged to show up on time for every appointment. If your therapist is late or absent without notice from the appointment, you can request for full refund from us. Email contact@thetherapyplatform.com for us to work on refunding you.

I don’t see an email about my appointment in my inbox. What do I do?

It may take up to 24 hours for us to send email about your appointment. Please reach out to us using chat function on our platform, call us at +65 66770725, or email us contact@thetherapyplatform.com if you don’t receive email from us after 24 hours. Thank you.

Who can I talk to regarding signing up?

If you need any assistance with signing up, feel free to get in touch with us using chat function on our platform, call us at 66770725, or email us contact@thetherapyplatform.com.

Can I see a therapist immediately?

Appointments are available at least 48 hours in advance. However, we can assist on case by case basis if you need an appointment within the day. Contact us at 66770725 or email us at contact@thetherapyplatform.com for such request. Without any guarantee of success, we will do our best to find you a therapist who is….

How soon will I get the web link for the video call for my telehealth session?

You can expect confirmation of your telehealth session and be provided with the unique web link for the video call within 24 hours of booking.

How soon will I get the exact address of therapy venue for my in-person session?

You can expect confirmation of your therapy venue and be provided with its exact address within 24 hours of booking.

Can I book an appointment with therapist directly?

Our therapists are legally obliged to receive booking from Clients only through our platform unless you are existing client to the therapist prior to the use of our platform.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

If you reschedule appointment at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you can reschedule your appointment in your account. Login to your account, go to ________ . If you have to reschedule your appointment within 48 hours to scheduled appointment, you will have to write to us at contact@thetherapyplatform.com. Your request for rescheduling….

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

We honor full refund if cancellation is within 24 hours from the time of booking and payment. No refund otherwise. Nevertheless, you can reschedule an appointment or change therapist 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment. If you have to reschedule your appointment within 48 hours to scheduled appointment, you will have to write to us….

Can I book an appointment on behalf of someone?

You may book an appointment on behalf of a minor to whom you are either a parent or a legal guardian. Otherwise, you may not book an appointment on behalf of someone.

How do I change therapist?

You can change your therapist after you login to your account on our platform. If you have already started seeing a therapist and will no longer want to continue therapy with him/her, you can message him/her through secure messaging function on our telehealth platform.

What is the complaint procedure?

For any inappropriate behavior from therapist, you can raise it up to us through email at contact@thetherapyplatform.com Our trained staff will handle your complaint sensitively. You can also write in to the professional association to which the therapist is a member of.

Where do I share my review on therapist?

You can share your review after you login to your account on our platform.

Can I talk to the therapist I am interested in before my first session?

After booking your first session, you can get in touch with your therapist through the secure messaging function on our telehealth platform. Your therapist may or may not reply you in time before start of session. If you have any concern over whether your therapist has received your message, please raise it up during your….

What if I find the therapist unsuitable for me after my first session?

We understand that you may not always find the right fit with the therapist after first session with him/her. Rest assured that if you wish to change therapist after your first session, you need only to top up the difference in rate if rate of your next therapist is higher. Please email us your request….

Why are some therapists more expensive than others?

Therapist choose their rate independently based on their qualification, years of experience, degree of expertise, specialties, and consideration unique to their therapy practice. Therapy rate is not necessary a reflection on one’s capability to help therapeutically.

Can my therapist refer me to a psychiatrist?

If your therapist feels it would benefit you to speak to a psychiatrist they might let us know, and we will then recommend you to a psychiatrist we feel suitable. Or, they might make a recommendation directly to you. Of course, it is up to you if you decide to take our referral or find….

What if I bump unto my therapist in a social context?

Your therapist will likely maintain boundary by not initiating contact with you. He/she may acknowledge you if you initiate contact with him/her. Your therapist is professionally obliged to never disclose any information about you and your therapy to anyone outside of professional context.

What is the difference between a counsellor, psychotherapist, and psychologist?

These professional job titles are usually associated with the title of therapist’s highest qualification. For example, if a therapist attained Master in Counselling, then that therapist may choose to introduce himself/herself as a counsellor. Likewise, if a therapist attained Master in Clinical Psychology, he/she will introduce himself/herself as psychologist. Note that job title alone does….

Are all therapists qualified?

Here at The Therapy Platform, we verify our therapists qualification by attaining a copy of their certification or by getting a proof of their membership with professional associations. We also interview all our therapists and get as much information we can to verify from all sources available to us. However, we can offer no guarantee….

Can I work with more than one therapist?

Working with more than one therapist during the same period can consume lots of energy from you. It is generally not advisable to see more than one therapist unless you are working on very different area of your life, such as seeing a therapist regarding caregiver burnout, and seeing another therapist for couple counselling.

Can my therapist decline to see me?

Yes, your therapist can decline to see you. Some common reasons why therapist may decline to see a client may be related to therapy integrity when in his/her professional opinion, he/she can longer remain therapeutically helpful to you.

How do I know which therapist is right for me?

There is no guarantee of having therapist that is right for you in spite of all available information. Compatibility of therapist to client can be idiosyncratic. Just as one man’s meat is another man’s poison. You will make better judgement on your compatibility after your first session. The best you can do in finding a….

Can I meet my therapist outside of therapy context?

Meeting your therapist outside of therapy context is creating dual role in your relationship with your therapist. This will compromise the effectiveness of therapy and hence, it is not advisable to meet your therapist outside of therapy context.

Do you send me proof of payment?

Stripe invoice will appear in your email inbox right after successful transaction.

How soon can I get refunded?

It may take up to one calendar month for you to receive your refund.

Why do I have to pay for an appointment I missed?

Your therapist does not have enough notice to fill the slot that was reserved for you with another client. He or she needs to be reimbursed for their time.

Can I change therapist after booking an appointment?

You can change therapist if you make your request 48 hours in advance to your original scheduled appointment.

How soon in advance can I reschedule my appointment?

You may reschedule up to 48 hours prior to your appointment.

How soon do I have to cancel my appointment in order to get a full refund?

You will only get refund if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of booking.

Can I have a free trial?

We do not offer free trial. However, if you wants to change therapist after your first session, you will only have to top up the difference in rates of your next therapist. Email us at contact@thetherapyplatform.com if you wish to change therapist after your first session.

Can therapist offer rates on sliding scale?

The availability of sliding scale rate depends solely on therapist. Our platform advertises a flat rate.

Is there subsidy?

We are a private company that does not tie up with any government agencies. We are unable to provide any subsidy. However, we may offer discount coupons from time to time. Look out for them!

Why do I have to pay in advance for my session?

Paying in advance guarantees your session. We provide full refund if you choose to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of booking.

Can I use health insurance to pay for my sessions?

We have yet to work with any health insurance providers in Singapore that support claims for therapy sessions. We are unable to support your insurance claims even if your health insurance can cover your therapy expenses. You may want to claim directly from your health insurance provider if therapy expense is covered in your healthcare….

How do I pay for my session?

The only way to pay for your session on our platform is through keying in your credit card details in Stripe payment gateway.

Do I need a specific internet browser?

If you’re using a Desktop or Laptop, we recommend: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

What is the ideal bandwidth for telehealth to run smoothly?

An internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 MBPS. We recommend an Ethernet cable over Wifi when possible to ensure you receive the best possible connection through your internet provider. You can check your internet speed here.

Do I need to download any app?

No. All applications are web based.

What device is necessary for telehealth session?

Tablet/ laptop/ desktop is preferable to mobile phone. An external or integrated webcam. Ensure that you allow access to the use of your integrated webcam and audio function when prompted by the browser.

How do I begin telehealth session?

A unique web link for your video call will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your booking. Click on the web link to begin your session when it is time.

When will therapy come to an end?

It is ideal for you to decide jointly with your therapist on a time to end therapy. The number of sessions on working towards ending of therapy is generally set at 20% of the total therapy sessions. Say you have seen your therapist for 15 weekly sessions over the course of 4 months, it is….

What is the length of therapy?

The length of therapy varies according to the type of issues, the therapy approach, and individual’s psychological condition. There is no fixed length of therapy. Short-term therapy usually takes less than 20 sessions, is for targeted issues such as overcoming phobias, working on situational problems etc. Long term therapy that works on lifelong struggle such….

Can I extend therapy time during session?

You will have to discuss with your therapist if you want to extend therapy time. Your therapist may have other obligation line up or may be able to extend session time at a fee prorate to half hourly interval. We will invoice you the payment for session time extension.

Where can therapy session be held?

In-person session will be held in a quiet conducive commercial style premise that is not therapist’s or anyone’s residency home. If you have special requirement such as wheelchair accessibility, please notify us at contact@thetherapyplatform.com before booking an appointment.

Is therapy for everyone?

Therapy is for everyone who wants to enhance psychological life. It is one of the healthiest activities a person can do to develop mental and emotional resilience, improve social life, and make better life choices. It does not take one to be sick before taking care of oneself.

Can I stop therapy midway into a session?

You may choose to end a session at any point of time for reasons you may or may not want to express to your therapist. Choosing to express your reason to end your session early can help your therapist to understand you better.

What happens during a therapy session?

Psychotherapy is a process of inquiry to help client towards arrival of resolution concerning self, others, and situation. Depending on your therapist training background and personal style, your experience with different therapist can vary greatly. Find one whom you feel comfortable, supported, and generally progressive. During the course of therapy, you may experience strong emotion…..

What do I have to prepare for my first session?

Your therapist may send you an intake form and set(s) of questionnaire as part of assessment. Completion of these documents is optional but may save some therapy time and give your therapist a head-start in session preparation. It is common not to know what to say during your first session. Worry not. Your therapist is….


The Therapy Platform is not involved in any way with regard to the treatment and advice you receive from Therapist. Hence, we accept no liability concerning therapy quality. You may however provide review on our platform, participate on our platform’s forum, inform us through email contact@thetherapyplatform.com to highlight any inappropriateness during therapy, and lodge a….

Extra work taken

If you want your therapist to write any reports or letters on your behalf, you may have to compensate your therapist at an agreed rate. Please let your therapist know in advance if you are seeking a professional letter of any kind or are seeking therapy as part of a legal claim.


In order to ensure that the therapeutic process can be maximised please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. If your therapist has reason to believe that this may be the case, your therapist will draw the session to a close/not commence a session. The process of Therapy may generate strong….

How do I contact my therapist outside of session time?

You are able to contact your therapist through our secure messaging system within our telehealth platform. It works much the same as email. Upon opening an account with us, we will invite you to register in our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform where you will be able to message your therapist securely.

Planned breaks

You and your therapist may require a break from therapy from time to time. It is a courtesy to inform each other of planned breaks well in advance. This will give enough time for each of you to reorganize schedules as well as to work on issues that may surface towards that planned break.

Regularity of sessions

It is preferable to work with your therapist on weekly basis as recommended by most psychotherapy literature. However, every client circumstance is unique and the planning on regularity of sessions is best left to a discussion with your therapist.

Therapist to client Informed Consent

Each therapist may issue informed consent for Client to sign. A standard informed consent looks like this: