Identify your attachment style

Identify your attachment style

Attachment style is the way we relate to people who is especially significant to us. It runs the life of our most important relationships in a pervasive, unremitting manner. Much like the undercurrent in an ocean, you don't see it on the surface though it moves everything within the ocean. The two big groups of attachment style are the secure and the insecure. The insecure is further categorized into the anxious-ambivalent insecure and the fearful-avoidant insecure. There is another group which falls in the far end of the insecure, that is the disorganized insecure. Most people have attachment style that is the composite of these categories. Do note that these categories are formulated as a guide for easy understanding. Being in one group more than another does not make you a better or worse person. It only speaks of the way you tend to relate to your significant others. Nonetheless, knowing your attachment style as well as the attachment style of your significant other(s) can make a big difference in your understanding of self and other(s). This understanding can empower you to understand why your relationship quality is the way it is.

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