In order to ensure that the therapeutic process can be maximised please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. If your therapist has reason to believe that this may be the case, your therapist will draw the session to a close/not commence a session.

The process of Therapy may generate strong emotions which your therapist will endeavour to work through together with you. In rare circumstances where your therapist has a concern that such emotions have escalated to the point where in your therapist’s opinion, are containable in the room, your therapist will draw the session to a close early.Concerns regarding your safety/the safety of others including your therapist may require your therapist to inform other agencies.

Therapists do not offer emergency support or guarantee their availability to you. If you are in danger in any way please contact emergency services (A&E), your GP or the Samaritans and discuss this with your therapist in your next session.