Clinical Psychologist
7 Years Of Experience

SGD 80 per session

A person’s mind can be very powerful that the way he perceives, interprets or attributes meaning in his daily life plays a very important role on how he would feel and behave. Hence, mental health issues can be traced from unhealthy thinking styles that one has developed given the vast experiences encountered throughout time. We easily hear people say “just be positive” but it is not always as easy as how it was said. It is important that one is provided with a safe space where he can freely express himself as he tries to process and resolve this maladaptive beliefs and behavior so as to be able to bring about change in actions and improve emotional state. Challenges need not to be faced alone. You alone can do it; but you cannot do it alone.

  • More  than  five  years  of  extensive  exposure  in  the  field  of  addiction  treatment.  Proven knowledge and skills in psychological assessment, psychotherapy, case management and also providing other interventions for persons  with  substance  use  disorder,  co-occurring  disorders  and  other  mental  health  issues;  an International Certified Addiction Professional, Level III.
  • Exposed to case conceptualization, planning, training facilitation and evaluation; has in-depth experience in behavior analysis, strength-based and motivational approaches and cognitive behavior therapy.
  • Demonstrated wide experience in attending to various cases of mental health problems including but not  limited  to  mood  disorders,  depressive  disorders,  anxiety  disorders,  addiction  and  personality disorders.  Equipped in facilitating seminars, workshops, group processes, etc.

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  • Cognitive Behavioural CBT
  • Humanistic
  • Interpersonal

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  1. Title: MA in Clinical Psychology

    Institute: University of City of Manila

    Start Date: Jun,2010

    End Date: Oct,2015


  2. Title: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    Institute: Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines

    Start Date: Jun,2005

    End Date: Mar,2009