2 Years Of Experience

SGD 145 per session

Our mind and body intertwined. There is a connection between our mental and physical health. Poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical conditions. Katrine specialises Counselling in Mental Health and Wellness. She is a full member of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. She offers Counselling in Mental Health in a range of post-traumatic stress disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, distress intolerance, low self-esteem, body image, relationship problems, stress management, health anxiety to sleep disorder to teens and adults; as well as Counselling in Wellness with Traditional Chinese dietary principles and Western Health Coaching disciplines to help clients suffering from mental health issues and sub-optimal health problems to lead a balance and healthy lifestyle through food therapy and behavioral change.

She offers counselling in mental health in range from grief and loss, traumas, relationship problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, hypochondria, perfectionist behaviors, stress management, self-image, body image, depression, sleeping difficulties. Besides, she also provides career coaching. She has over 10 years working experience at different MNCs. She provides training in managing mental health in a workplace. "Trust, Sincerity, Honesty and Loyalty are the values which are important to me. Throughout my clinical experiences in Counselling, it is my honor to be able to join my clients where they are, in a nonjudgmental, compassionate, genuine and engaged way. I hold and soothe them with relentless empathy in a safe haven and secure based therapeutic alliance where clients feel comfortable to take risk with me as their companion to go into what is foreign, strange, dangerous, scary, sad, unbearably stressful or painful in their inner lives and face their vulnerabilities together as a team; to help them see the process they are caught in with their emotions and with other people; reorganize their inner world that make sense of their lives; find their emotional balance and redirect that process in new directions."  

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  • Acceptance And Commitment ACT
  • Attachment
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural CBT
  • Emotionally Focused EFT

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  1. Title: Master of Counselling

    Institute: Monash University

    Start Date: Apr,2018

    End Date: Sep,2019


  2. Title: Certificate in Psychology and Mental Health

    Institute: University of Liverpool

    Start Date: Sep,2017

    End Date: Nov,2017


  3. Title: Certificate of completion in Chinese Medicine in Women’s Health

    Institute: Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Start Date: Oct,2018

    End Date: Jan,2020


  4. Title: ACE-certified Health Coach qualification

    Institute: American Council on Exercise

    Start Date: Sep,2017

    End Date: Feb,2018