Macneu Martin
25 Years Of Experience

SGD 130.00 per session

I always believe that everyone has inner strengths and abilities to seek solutions for themselves. Using both within and external resources to seek, find ways to slowly but surely work through their issues or situations. Sometimes it's hard for us to be able to see or have that sense to realize these strengths. I am here to help you see those strengths.

SPED TEACHER / COMMUNITY RESOURCE / TRAINING OFFICER Worked with various groups of people in the social service sector - Children to adults with disabilities (Sped Teacher (MINDS) and Bizlink Centre Ltd) Teaching/Training/Coaching/Referral to PWDS- 1. Developmental 2. Autism / Asperger Syndrome 3. Physical Disabilities 4. Chronic Mental Illnesses 5. Sensory Disabilities 6. Others Management of Sheltered Workshop (MINDS)   Tertiary Institution - NUS Tertiary students both Undergrads and Postgrads

  • Counselling / Guidance
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Career Coaching
  • Group Sessions
  Coaching for Employment/Career development      

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  • Coaching
  • Humanistic
  • Solution Focused Brief SFBT

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  1. Title: Masters in Counselling

    Institute: Singapore University of Social Services (SUSS)

    Start Date: Jul,2011

    End Date: Oct,2013

    Description: Holistic Approach but the focus was on career counseling and coaching. The internship was completed at Adam Road Medical Centre - Focus was on clinical intervention.