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I am a creative arts and Wilderness psychotherapist and conscious movement facilitator. I have been dedicated, for over 20 years, to a path that taps into the wisdom of the elements and nature, helping people come home to themselves and to their lives. I am the creator of FreeSpiritMovement, a practice dedicated to enabling people reclaim their inner strength, essence and radiance through dance, the arts, coaching, therapy and mindful movement. I accompany and help people who are especially struggling with: Body and Image Issues - Isolation- Stress - Anxiety - Loss/Grief - Depression. I have heard it said that darkest hour is just before the dawn of a new day. My work and service resides in accompanying you through this dark night. Together we journey into this unknown void and start to discover ways in which you can release and resolve pain, trauma, grief, loss, fear etc, and consequently re-discover the inner strengths and qualities. that have been hidden within you and are waiting to be awoken. Our pain and loss often leads to us feeling isolated and misplaced in the world, we split off from our bodies our emotion and our whole self. My practice, which is person centred, strives to help you process and put the fragments back together. I above all follow you in your needs and rhythm and together we will find the way which most suits you. I work incorporating the creative arts, conscious movement, breathing techniques and nature as these mediums act as a mirror to your internal world and help you to see yourself and your current situation from a different perspective. As you gain insight and understanding you are able initiate the path to change and transformation. When we are willing to change our internal landscape our external reality transforms and we step into the dawn of a new day.

  • For more than 20 years I have worked with movement and dance helping women to come home to their bodies and to their sexuality. Many of these women are survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence and we worked together to help them reclaim themselves and their bodies. I then went on to complete in 2009 a training in creative arts and wilderness therapy in the UK and finally in 2015 completed an MA in Creative Arts Psychotherapy in Madrid.
  • I currently run a private practice here in Spain and work with all age ranges and collectives.  My specialty resides in listening and adapting to my client’s unique needs and to their current situation, from here onwards commences the therapeutic process.
  • I work closely with the main educational psychologist in Primary and Secondary schools in my area of Spain. I facilitate spaces of both coaching and therapy for parents and their children. Frequent issues that I address include; anger management, separation anxiety, grief management, lack of confidence, divorce, bullying, identity and image issues.
  • I also accompany people who are terminally ill, preparing for their death and also suffering from the grief of having lost a loved one. I work with all age groups in this painful and delicate transition of loss.
  • I run workshops, retreats and courses for teachers and students in the educational system. These focus on improving communication skills and emotional intelligence, through the creative arts.  Within the class and educational system we look at how we can build a deeper sense of community through active listening and speaking from the heart.
  • I have experience working in mental health applying group art therapy for day care patients suffering mainly from complex trauma, manic depression, bi polar disorder and schizophrenia. In 2016 I ran, with an associate, in 2016 a Creative Arts and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy program for young male offenders at the Acebuche prison in Almeria.

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  • Coaching
  • Compassion Focused
  • Emotionally Focused EFT
  • Existential
  • Humanistic
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive MBCT
  • Play Therapy
  • Systemic

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  1. Title: MA Creative Arts Therapy

    Institute: ISEP International Institute of Psychological Studies

    Start Date: Sep,2012

    End Date: Jun,2015

    Description: -- When we communicate through the artistic languages (art, movement, writing, music) not only we are communicating directly from an internal place but also we are tapping into an intuitive and spontaneous language, which is universal, and by removing the verbal language we enable an alternative form of authentic expression to manifest. These non-verbal forms of communication reveal that which is often hidden and repressed. They offer an alternative way of being able to observe destructive and damaging responses and patterns, and subtly encourage the possibility of establishing and channelling alternative responses, which are more constructive, coherent and conscious. The artistic languages tap into a symbolic world through the use of metaphor and allow us to contemplate and see not only ourselves but others also, through a different perspective. Through this process of constructive psychotherapy we gain insight and are able to contemplate new ways in which to face, approach and resolve issues that are holding us back from realising our full potential. These languages help us to begin to respond instead of react, to become responsible for ,and to raise the awareness of our actions and emotions and the effect and impact that they may have on others and on our environment.. The artistic languages open a person up to a bigger internal and external landscape and enable them to reclaim a language that possess the ability to express, that which has often been repressed and silenced. In an educational setting when teaching art, dance, writing music etc. the main focus is centred around the creating of and achievement of a final result, however in this reclaiming environment the absolute focus and application of these mediums resides in the process and journey of the person and on what is coming up for them in the moment through these mediums. They are able to process and liberate their emotions constructively and start to build and manifest their story. When a persons story is heard, witnessed and honoured they are able to let go of the old story, which no longer serves them. This practice of creative arts Psychotherapy encourage the person to create a new landscape within which instead of being the victim they become the hero or heroine of their story.

  2. Title: Diploma in Creative Arts and Wilderness Therapy

    Institute: Coventina School, Northumberland UK

    Start Date: Sep,2007

    End Date: Jun,2009

    Description: Wilderness Psychotherapy is a practice that takes us back onto to land to o our connection to the natural world and to the elements. This therapeutic approach teaches us of how through observing and listening to nature, animals, the elements and the seasons we reconnect to a bigger landscape and understanding within the wheel of life. Nature is a mirror to our our soul and reflects back to us that which we need to see and heal from within. This practice of psychotherapy puts us back in touch with an ancestral root of wisdom and understanding to enable balance to return to ourselves and to our lives. Within this way of working s the ancient ways of council are applied. An indigenous practice that promotes the experience of true community and recognises that each voice within the community needs to heard and honoured. Each person brings their wisdom and medicine to the circle and to the community and shares their stories and each person is a piece of the whole. Within this space we speak and listen from the heart, we embrace one another in our differences and understand that we are all doing the best that we can in each and every moment. Together as a community we come together to resolve difficulties and to share our stories. This is also an educational practice that is applied to families, professionals and educational bodies to enhance honesty, insight, awareness, acceptance and understanding within the community. This practice makes room for a natural healing within often fragmented communities to occur.