Youper – Your Emotional Health Assistant

Youper – Your Emotional Health Assistant

I'm thrilled to discover this new app designed by a team helmed by a psychiatrist. It is completely free and will remain so. There are many interesting feature such as mood chart and personality inventory using Big Five Personality Dimension and MBTI. Most interesting of all, you get to text "someone" who is available to reply you anytime immediately. That is because that "someone" is an AI machine. The entire model is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Though this cannot replace human interaction where accurate emotional reading is the key to harmonious living with other human beings. It is a wonderful tool in guiding us into a more self-reflective mode. Happy using my friends. :)

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Incorporating art as part of your therapeutic journey for your better mental health can be fun and approachable. You need not have complex art materials or artistic skills to partake in the process, the Art Therapist, Amanda, will be there with you to guide you through the process every step of the way. Art can be used as a communicative tool to express how you feel, especially when words are sometimes not enough. You are allowed to let the art do the "talking" for you! Art is most often used as a form of self expression, which allows one to look introspectively, using creativity as part of personal development and self discovery. Art Therapy is a blend of “art” and “psychology”, and can be used to help all kinds of people. Come take this journey, where art therapy can be a creative, fun and healing experience for you!

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