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Mandd F

Hypnotherapist (⁨2⁩ yrs)


Specialises inMood: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, OCDPTSD / TraumaAddiction

English, Bahasa Indonesian
Telehealth & Face-to-Face
Singapore, Singapore
My name is Mandd and I want to tell you my story. In 2005, I suffered from a condition rendering me temporarily blind. Yet when I was referred for surgery, I made the decision to explore my options in holistic alternative healing. After I recovered I found myself on a journey of learning Subconsious mind and how mind works. Today I am fully sighted, and remain in constant pursuit of new knowledge and advocacy for using the powers of the mind and subconscious mind.
With the strong intention to help my own father with long term alcohol addiction and past baggage, after years of learning how minds work, and finding the modality of therapy that I am drawn into . I eventually discovered hypnotherapy and achieved success on my father with this mode of therapy.
During my years of study, I realised that many people are living with high levels of stress and anxiety. I saw how people lose their inner battle against depression, have self-limiting beliefs, low self esteem, struggling with insomnia, food intolerance, phobias, etc.
As they say, the rest is history and I share my story today with you, as a friend, a practitioner and former patient. Our main approach is to create a safe place where your personal beliefs and faith are respected without judgement, a place where we want to walk with you and guide you through breaking out of these chains and finding your way to be whole again.